Our Communities

Come and discover the natural beauty and rich history in the communities of Douro-Dummer. Explore the Hamlet Map to learn more about our hamlet locations. The number in brackets will tell you the location on the map, as seen below.

Centre Dummer - (4)

Clarina - (8)

Cottesloe - (2)

Crowes Landing - (9)

Donwood - (13)

Douro - (10)

Five Corners - (11)

Galesburg  - (17)

Gilchrist Bay - (7)

Guerin - (12)

Hall's Glen - (5)

Juniper Island - (16)

McCracken's Landing - (6)

South Dummer - (3)

South Beach - (14)

Warsaw - (1)

Young's Point - (15)

Municipal Community Grant Program

The Township of Douro-Dummer's annual municipal community grant program aims to provide financial assistance to individuals, community groups and/or volunteer organizations that through their activities promote and/or enhance the overall well-being of the Douro-Dummer community.

Interested applicants are encouraged to review the Municipal Community Grant Policy prior to submitting an application, which further explains the grants available, funding eligibility and ineligibility, and the grant review and approval process.

How to Apply
  • Organizations/Individuals who are eligible must submit a Community Grant Application Form and include any required documentation outlined within the form.
  • Current year recipients of the Municipal Community Grant seeking consideration for the upcoming year are required to submit the Community Grant Application Form for the respective year.