Book a Pre-Consultation

Land Use Inquiry

Do you have questions about a property? A land use inquiry can be conducted if you are trying to find out more about a property. Fill out the land use inquiry form and submit it to Building and Planning Staff. This process is more informal and will result in an email response or a phone call to discuss your inquiry, and potential next steps within two weeks.

If your inquiry results in the need for a planning application such as a rezoning, minor variance or site plan approval, a pre-consultation is recommended.  For more information regarding pre-consultations, see below.


Before submitting a planning application, you will want to meet with staff to talk about your project and priorities. A pre-consultation takes place before a formal application is submitted.

How do I book a pre-consultation?

  1. Read the Pre-Consultation Information Sheet.
  2. Apply on-line at Cloudpermit.
  3. Pay the pre-consultation fee by e-mailing the Building and Planning Department or calling 705-652-8392 ext. 211. 
  4. Payments can be made by cash, debit or cheque at the Township office; by mailing a cheque (with your application) to 894 South Street, P.O. Box 92, Warsaw, ON K0L 3A0; or by paying online using a credit card.  There is 2.25% processing fee for credit card payments.  
  5. Staff will contact you to schedule a virtual meeting, either by telephone or video conference.

If you have any questions regarding the pre-consultation application process please call 705-652-8392 ext. 211 or email.


For accessibility, documents are available in hard copy at the Municipal Office.  The following is a link to the fillable .pdf  Pre-Consultation Form.

Additional Information

Visit our Minor Variance Page or Zoning Page for more information about the Township's planning applications.

Planning Fees 2024
Planning ItemPrice
Pre-consultation $220.00
Severance Application Review $330.00
Minor Variance Application $1,580.00
Amended Minor Variance Application - prior to circulation $220.00
Amended Minor Variance Application - after circulation $1,100.00
Zoning By-law Amendment $1,650.00
Amended Zoning By-law Amendment Application - prior to circulation $220.00 
Amended Zoning By-law Amendment Application - after circulation $1,100.00 
 Removal of Holding Provision $750.00 
 Deeming By-law $550.00 
 Site Plan Approval - Minor $2,750.00 
 Site Plan Approval - Major $4,400.00 
 Minor Amendment to Existing Site Plan $1,100.00 
 Minimum Deposit for any Site Plan Application $5,500.00 
 Plan of Subdivision $11,550.00 
 Subdivision Deposit $25,000.00 
 Subdivision Agreement $1,100.00 
 Advertising Fee

Actual cost of advertising

if deemed necessary

 Special Meeting Fee $759.00 
 Predevelopment Agreement for Major Applications

$1,010.00 +

$5,775 deposit 

Planning Miscellaneous
Cash-in-lieu of Parkland $1,250.00

Merger Agreement Fee (only required if the agreement is not

associated with a planning application)

Encroachment Agreement Fee

$400.00 +

$500.00 deposit

Minor Amendment to Existing Encroachment Agreement


Demolition Agreement

$400.00 +

$5,000.00 deposit

Extend Existing Demolition agreement $100.00 
Mitigation Measures Agreement (only required if the

agreement is not associated with a planning application)

Environmental Impact Assessment Peer Reviews Full cost recovery from third party 
For All Township User Fees 2024 User Fees Schedule