Book a Pre-Consultation

Before submitting a planning application, you will want to meet with staff to talk about your project and priorities. A pre-consultation is mandatory and must take place before a formal application is submitted.

How do I book a pre-consultation?

  1. Complete the pre-consultation application form and submit electronically to Planning Staff.
  2. Staff will contact you to schedule a virtual meeting, either by telephone or video conference.

If you have any questions regarding the pre-consultation application form, call 705-652-8392 or email.

Visit our Minor Variance Page or Zoning Page for more information about the Township's planning applications.

Planning Fees 2021

Planning Fees 2021Price



Minor Variance Application


Amended Minor Variance Application - Prior to Circulation


Amended Minor Variance Application - After Circulation


Zoning By-law Amendment


Amended Zoning By-law Amendment

Application - Prior to Circulation


Removal of Holding Provision


Site Plan Approval - Minor


Site Plan Approval - Major


Plan of Subdivision

$10, 500.00

Advertising Fee

Actual cost of advertising

Special Meeting Fee


Predevelopment Agreement for Major


$1,000.00 + $5,250.00 deposit