About Fire and Emergency Services

Douro-Dummer Fire Services (DDFS) is a volunteer fire service with over 60 volunteer firefighters.

The DDFS firefighters, four fire stations, 13+ fire apparatus and three boats are all under the direction of a full-time fire chief. 

Level of Service

DDFS offers the following fire and emergency services to the Township of Douro-Dummer as well as to some of our neighbouring municipalities:

  • Medical response – Level A and automatic defibrillation
  • Fire suppression responses
  • Response to farm, home and industrial accidents
  • Water rescue
  • Response to vehicle accidents and extrication
  • Fire prevention and inspections
  • Public education and programs
  • Rescue services
  • Response to public hazards

Automatic External Defibrillator (AED)

Public access AEDs are located at the following municipal locations during business hours:

  • Douro-Dummer Municipal Office – 894 South Street, Warsaw (in the foyer)
  • Warsaw Community Centre – 93 Ford Street, Warsaw (in the lobby)
  • Douro-Dummer Public Library – 435 Douro 4th Line, Douro (in the entrance)
  • Douro Community Centre – 2893 Highway 28, Douro-Dummer (in the lobby)

For a brief tutorial on the use of the AEDs, please watch this video on the ZOLL AED3

For after-hours emergencies please call 911.

Water Tanker Shuttle Accreditation

Fire hydrants aren't usually available in rural settings, so fire departments need to be able to shuttle water to a fire from other sources such as dry hydrants, reservoirs and lakes using water tankers.

Water Tanker Shuttle Accreditation is a process where the fire department demonstrates that they can supply enough water to a fire scene, using a water tanker shuttle, to be considered equivalent to fire hydrant on a municipal water system. A 3rd party certification company oversees the process.

2019 Water Tanker Shuttle Accreditation Certificate (valid between 2019 and 2024)

Use of Farm Buildings for Assembly Occupancy

Are you thinking of using a barn to host an event?

There will be details you need to discuss with fire services and the building department.

Use of Farm Buildings for Assembly Occupancy 

Use of Temporary Tents

If you plan to use a temporary event tent, it is your responsibility to ensure it meets the Ontario Fire Code.  

Examples of the requirements include:

  • tents must be flame retardant and will have an NFPA tag attached to the tent
  • combustible material such as hay, straw or dry shavings are not permitted (damp shavings may be acceptable)
  • no smoking signs must be posted
  • a dedicated person must be on fire watch and have communication capabilities
  • fire extinguishers must be installed 
  • no open flame devices or appliances 
  • an exit capacity from the tent that matches the expected number of people in attendance
  • fire department access for fire trucks

This list is not complete, if you require assistance to ensure you are in compliance with the Ontario Fire Code please contact us to arrange an inspection. 

A permit from the Building Department is required for tents greater than 60 square metres. Visit the Building Permits webpage for more information.  

Kidde Recall of Dual-Sensor (Photoelectric and Ionization) Smoke Alarms

For details on this recall, please visit the Government of Canada's Recalls and Safety Alerts webpage