Entrance Permits

In the Township of Douro-Dummer, you need to apply for an entrance permit if you want to add a new entrance or change an existing entrance to your property.

Apply for a permit

Please complete the Entrance Permit Application and submit it by email or drop it off to the Township Office located at 894 South St.

Make sure to indicate the type of entrance permit you require:

  • Construct a paved entrance
  • Construct an unpaved entrance
  • Change the design of an existing entrance
  • Change the location of an existing entrance
  • Construct a temporary entrance


If you are going to install your own entrance, the following fees apply:

  • $226 application fee
  • $500 deposit

We will refund the deposit after you receive approval from the Township.

If you'd like the Township to install the entrance, it will cost $113 to apply and then we will invoice you for the work.

Properties on County Roads

If your property is located on a County Road, please visit the County of Peterborough to learn more about the application process and fees.