Burn Bans

Burn ban and/or burn restriction information is available 24-hours a day at the Douro-Dummer Burn Permit website or by calling 1-844-971-1121.

What do the colours and levels mean on the Burn Permit website?Fire index colours and levels

Low risk - blue

This is potentially a good time to have an open-air fire with minimal potential for the fire to spread. Ensure your fire is contained and extinguishing agents are readily available.
Despite thin snow cover or wet conditions on the ground in the early spring, fire can spread quickly on the previous year's dry vegetation - be very careful when burning in the early spring. 

 Moderate risk - green

This is potentially an acceptable time to have an open-air fire with little potential for the fire to spread. Ensure your fire is contained and extinguishing agents are readily available. 

 High risk - yellow

Fire can spread in the current conditions, especially in areas surrounded with dry vegetation. Ensure your fire is contained to its area of origin and extinguishing agents are readily available.

 Extreme risk - red

Fire spread in these dry conditions is highly likely and only fires that have had preventative measures against their spread should be lit, these measures include soaking the perimeter, clearing any flammable items away from the fire and having extinguishing agents or tools immediately available. If possible, wait until conditions are more favorable to have a fire.

 Burn ban - black

A short-term (5) or longer-term (6) burn ban may be implemented due to the high risk for fire spread from extreme or poor atmospheric conditions (such as high wind, poor air quality or insufficient precipitation). Open-air burning is not allowed under these conditions. Only certified appliances such as gas BBQs, fire tables and patio heaters are allowed during a burn ban.
Burn bans may also be implemented due to requests from the province to support province-wide wildfire fighting efforts. 
Fireworks may be included in a burn ban, please check for details in notices or contact us directly.  



Burn ban information can also be found on:

  • Roadside fire risk indicator signs that are posted at major intersections in the Township
  • Local media publications, broadcasts and sites

During a fire ban all burn permits are suspended and fires are not allowed, this includes campfires, burn barrels and fireworks.

Exempt Appliances

Certified gas appliances such as CSA approved fire tables, bowls, pits and BBQs are not considered an open-air fire and can be used in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions during a fire ban. 

Provincial Fire and Burn Ban Information

The Dummer ward is under the jurisdiction of the MNRF and as such may be subject to restrictions from the province.

For provincial fire information: