Lottery Licences

The Township of Douro-Dummer issues Licences for Charitable Gaming Events that include Raffles, Bingo's, Break Open Tickets (Nevadas), and Bazaars.

Only charitable organizations are eligible to obtain a licence for charitable gaming events. Licencing is regulated by the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario under the Gaming Control Act, 1992. Municipalities act as licencing agents for the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario (AGCO) for certain types of gaming events.

For more information please contact the Municipal Office



The following pre-requisites are mandatory in order to be considered for a lottery licence:


  • The organization must have been in existence for at least one year
  • The organization must have a place of business in Ontario
  • The organization must demonstrate that it is established to provide charitable services in Ontario
  • The organization must use the lottery proceeds for the benefit Ontario residents

Who is eligible to conduct a lottery scheme?

Charitable and religious organizations may conduct a lottery to raise funds pursuant to a licence being issued. The courts have termed 'charitable' as an organization that provides programs for one or more of:

  • The relief of poverty
  • The advancement of education
  • The advancement of religion
  • Other charitable purposes that benefit the community


Types of groups not eligible to be licenced:


  • Social clubs
  • Professional Associations - unions, employee groups
  • Elected Representatives
  • Government ministries, agents or bodies
  • Political lobby groups
  • Political parties
  • Adult hobby groups
  • Private sport clubs (golf/curling)
  • Adult sports teams
 Types of Lottery Schemes that can be Licensed
  • Bingo events where the prize board is less than $5,500
  • Media Bingo Events
  • Ticket raffles where the total prizes are $50,000 or less
  • Break Open Ticket Lotteries (Nevadas) not licenced by the Province
  • Bazaars
 How to Apply for a License

 Application for Licencing Eligibility

  1. Determine the type of lottery scheme
  2. Obtain an application form from the Township of Douro-Dummer Municipal Office located at 984 South Street in Warsaw
  3. Complete the form and include the following information:
  4. Copy of the Articles of Incorporation or Constitution or Bylaws
  5. Copy of the budget or financial statements for the preceding year and coming year
  6. Any information that will assist in determining the nature of the organization e.g. Annual Report, Charitable Income Tax Number, Brochure
  7. The use of proceeds for the lottery funds - must be consistent with the nature of the organization.

Licence fees are based on 3% of the prize value of the lottery scheme.

For example, for a ticket lottery where the prizes being raffled are valued at $100.00, the licence fee is $30.00.