Art Gallery

The Douro-Dummer Public Library also has an Art Gallery. Around four times a year local artists get to display their incredible Art on the Library's Walls. All kinds of artist have displayed their arts at the library including, but not limited to:

  • Painters
  • Photographers
  • Quilters
  • Sculptors

Who we are

At the Douro-Dummer Library is a Fabulous Visual Art Gallery! The Douro-Dummer Library Art Gallery is Located in the Hamlet of Douro in the Douro-Dummer Township. The art gallery is open during regular library hours. Our goal is to feature Douro-Dummer artists – both amateur and professional, including adults, children and teens, and to welcome artists from other areas. We also strive to increase access to visual arts to everyone in our community.

Display your art

If you're interested in displaying your art at the library, please contact Sharon McKeiver, the Douro-Dummer Art Gallery Committee Chair. We have a small room called Room with a View dedicated to displaying the art of young artists.

Art Gallery Committee

The Douro-Dummer Art Gallery is managed by a local committee. If you would like to volunteer with the art gallery, please contact Sharon McKeiver.

Spark Photo Festival

The Spark Photo Festival is a celebration of photography and the enthusiasts behind the camera lens. Each year, the month of April marks the arrival of numerous photographic exhibits and artists, workshops and events in locations throughout the Greater Peterborough Region. This festival is committed to the advancement of photographic knowledge, creativity and innovation.

The Douro-Dummer Art Gallery is proud to be an active participants in the Spark Festival. In April 2020, Mike Eckersley and Nancy Towns— two local photographers— selected the Douro-Dummer Art Gallery as their venue for this special event.

Room With a View

Room with a View is a small gallery for budding young artists and adults to display their art work. We have created a small space for artists who would like to display just a few pieces of art. Already many artists from our community have chosen to display their work in this very special space, making the library an even more special place to be in the community.

Carol Baird enthusiastically coordinates this program.

Upcoming at the Art Gallery

Art Workshops

The Art Gallery Committee plans to offer individuals in the community a variety of art workshops led by local artists.

Photography Workshops

  • Beginner's Photography Workshop – Part 1 – February 1st, 2020

Mike Towns—local author and photographer—offered is wealth of knowledge and expertise to a group of participants by analyzing their printed and digital photos, including portrait, action and landscape. Everyone enthusiastically offered each other possible strategies for improvement.

  • Beginner's Photography Workshop - Part 2 - A Field Trip – Date to be determined

Mike Towns will take participants, with cameras in hand, to a field trip to learn the basics of photography in nature.

Painting Workshop

  • An Adventure in Creating Art– Part 1: Floral – Date to be determined

This half-day guided painting Workshop— led by an experienced artist— will offer participants new ways to discover their artistic side.

Silent Auctions

As a way to help fundraise for the Art Gallery and the Library, the Douro-Dummer Art Gallery has held several silent auctions in the past years.