Tax, Zoning, Work Order Certificates

Tax certificates can be requested by the Township Office to see if any outstanding taxes are owed on a property. In order to request a tax certificate, you must be the owner of the property, or legal representative of the property owner.

Tax Certificate and Zoning Request Forms need to be filled out and sent to the Municipal Office located at 894 South Street, Douro-Dummer, Ontario or sent by email. Please avoid faxing the document as it can make it hard to read.

Work Orders, Building Permit, Survey, Fire and Zoning

If you require Work Orders, Building Permit, Survey, Fire or Zoning Information fill out the Tax Certificate and Zoning Request Form. Payment is required before report will be faxed or emailed. Only one request is required for the building department, fire file search and tax information. Please do not send multiple copies of requests.

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