Fire Halls

There are four fire stations serving the Township of Douro-Dummer and the surrounding areas.

Douro-Dummer fire stations are not staffed, if you are experiencing an emergency call 9-1-1.

For non-emergency questions related to emergency services please contact the Township Office.

 Station 1: A. L. Sage Fire Hall - 812 Daleview Road

Station 1 is located at 812 Daleview Road in Donwood.

Station 1 has 15 firefighters as well as the following equipment:

  • Medical response vehicle
  • Pumper/tanker
  • Tanker


 A. L. Sage Fire Hall

Station 1 is dedicated to the late Fire Chief, Arnold Lewis Sage, in recognition of his contributions to the Douro Fire Department from the 1960s until his retirement in 1996. As Fire Chief, Mr. Sage was a catalyst for modernization and expansion of the Douro Fire Department.  

Station 2 - 435 Douro Fourth Line Road

Station 2 is located at 435 Douro Fourth Line Road in the Hamlet of Douro.

Station 2 has 15 firefighters along with the following equipment:

  • Pumper/rescue vehicle
  • Pumper/tanker

Station 4 - 910 Water Street

Station 4 is located at 910 Water Street in the Hamlet of Warsaw.

Station 4 has 15 firefighters along with the following equipment:

  • Pumper/tanker
  • Tanker
  • Medical/grass fire vehicle
  • Rescue vehicle
  • Argo with remote rescue and wildland fire capabilities

Station 5: Percy Little Fire Station - 2153 6th Line Road North Dummer

Station 5 is located at 2153 6th Line Road North Dummer, between Stony Lake and White Lake.

Station 5 has 15 firefighters along with the following equipment:

  • Pumper/tanker
  • Pumper/rescue vehicle
  • Medical/grass fire vehicle

This station is also responsible for water and island emergencies and has two pontoon boats:

  • 1 on Upper Stony Lake at Crowe's Landing
  • 1 on Lower Stony Lake at McCracken's Landing

We place these boats on the water as soon as possible after the ice is out. Another small boat is available by trailer from Station 5.

 Percy Little Fire Station

Station 5 was dedicated to Percy Little in 2020 in recognition of his dedication to the community and 45+ years of service with the Douro-Dummer Fire Department.

The original Station 5 was built in 1974. Improvements to the facility in 2019-2020 were made possible through partnerships between the Township, community businesses and private donors. The improvements were championed by Tim and Eric Drain and largely completed by the Station 5 family of volunteer firefighters.