Curbside Garbage Collection

In the Township of Douro-Dummer, curbside garbage collection services are provided by Waste Connections Canada. Learn how to recycle, compost and or visit our transfer station to dispose of large items.

When is my collection date?

Visit the County of Peterborough's Searchable Waste Portal to find your garbage collection day. You'll need to:

  1. Select “Douro-Dummer” from the “Choose your Area” drop-down menu
  2. Select the “View Schedule” button
  3. Enter your street address
  4. Select “Confirm” to see your garbage and recycling collection date

Holiday collections

Garbage collection will occur on all statutory and public holidays in 2023 except for:

  • Good Friday – moves to Saturday, April 8
  • Christmas Day – shifts by 1 day (i.e. Monday collection moves to Tuesday, Tuesday moves to Wednesday, etc.)

Regular garbage collection will occur with no changes on the following dates listed below:

New Year's Day – Monday, January 2

Family Day – Monday, February 20

Victoria Day – Monday, May 22 

Canada Day – Monday, July 3

Civic Holiday – Monday, August 7

Labour Day – Monday, September 4       

Thanksgiving – Monday, October 9         

Curbside collection rules and regulations

Residents can put out one garbage bag per week, and up to one additional bag per week with a garbage bag sticker. Garbage must be at the curb by 7:00 a.m. in one of the following containers:

  • A clear bag inside a garbage bin 
  • A clear bag
  • A small privacy bag (not clear) to conceal private items

Garbage placed in black or opaque garbage bags will not be collected.

Size and weight restrictions

Garbage bags and bundles must meet the following size and weight restrictions:

  • Garbage bags or bins cannot weight more than 18.1 kg (40 lbs)
  • Garbage bags or bins can't be more than 2 cubic ft. in capacity

Clear garbage bag program details

Review important information about the clear garbage bag program:

  • All garbage must be placed in a clear garbage bag for both curbside pick up and drop off at the Hall's Glen Transfer Station
  • Garbage bags can't contain recyclable, compostable or hazardous material
  • One grocery bag sized privacy bag is allowed each week to conceal any items you may want to keep private

Garbage bag stickers

If you need to put out more than one garbage bag, you must place a garbage bag sticker on the second bag. Each year, residents receive three free garbage stickers and seasonal residents receive 20 free garbage stickers.

You can purchase additional garbage stickers at the Municipal Office located at 894 South St. Each sticker costs $3.

What items can I place in the garbage?

Visit the County of Peterborough's Searchable Waste Portal to find out how to dispose of garbage, recycling, composting and hazardous materials. Make sure to select “Douro-Dummer” from the drop-down menu and then enter the item you'd like to dispose of. The portal will tell you how to dispose of that item.

Garbage FAQs

 Additional information is available on the 

What do I do if I have private items to throw away?

One small opaque bag, such as a grocery bag, may be used to conceal private material. The privacy bag can be put in your clear garbage bag with the rest of your garbage. One privacy bag is allowed per clear garbage bag.

Your clear bag can also be placed inside a garbage receptacle so that it is concealed until collection. 

How do I dispose of household hazardous waste?

To dispose of household hazardous waste through-out the year, please visit:
  • City of Peterborough's Household Hazardous Waste Depot                       
    • 400 Pido Road, Peterborough, ON
    • Phone: 705-876-1600

For more information on what can be disposed of at this location and hours of operation visit the City of Peterborough's Household Hazardous Waste Depot website.

The County of Peterborough and Township of Douro-Dummer also host household hazardous waste collection events throughout the year. For full details about this event including dates, times, locations and accepted items please visit the County of Peterborough Waste Management website.

Where can I dispose of batteries?

Batteries up to 5 kg in weight can be disposed of, for free, at the following locations:
  • Douro-Dummer Municipal Office, 894 South Street, Warsaw
  • Douro-Dummer Library, 425 Douro Fourth Line, Douro
  • Halls Glen Transfer Station, 1951 County Road 6, Douro-Dummer

Make sure you package your used batteries appropriately so that they do not cause a fire. Directions for packaging your batteries can be found on the RMC Inc. How to Prepare Your Batteries for Recycling webpage.

How do I dispose of food waste?

Food waste must disposed of either by composting/digesting at home or by dropping it off in the Molok bins at the Halls Glen Transfer Station. For more information please visit our Composting webpage.

Can I burn my garbage?

No, burning garbage is never permitted.

If you need assistance determining how to dispose of waste please contact us for direction.