Farming and Agriculture

Agriculture is a major industry in the Township of Douro-Dummer and there are a variety of programs and supports available for those who work in this sector. To learn about any upcoming programs or events view our newsfeed.

Wildlife claims

Trespassing and line fences

The Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs implemented the Security from Trespassing and Protecting Food Safety Act to help regulate unwanted trespassing on agricultural lands in Ontario. Learn about the regulations about line fences and find out how to put up a line fence around your property.

Tips to prevent barn fires

Visit the Province of Ontario for tips to help reduce the risk of barn fires and protect your livestock and agricultural assets.

East Central Farm Stewardship Collaborative

The East Central Farm Stewardship Collaborative offers financial assistance to those who are looking to make an environmental improvement to a farm located in east-central Ontario. Learn more about the collaborative and find out how to apply.

Peterborough Federation of Agriculture

The Peterborough Federation of Agriculture represents the agricultural voice within the community. Learn how to join and find out about upcoming events to get involved.

Clean Farms Ontario

Are you interested in learning more about the environmental impact of pesticides and other farm products? Clean Farms Ontario offers a variety of education programs and events as well as resources and disposal options.

Ontario Federation of Agriculture

The Ontario Federation of Agriculture (OFA) is a farm-led organization for Ontario farmers that works to advocate for sustainable farming. Visit the OFA to access a variety of farming resources and benefits.

Renting Farmland

Looking for Farmland to Rent? Have Farmland to Rent? Find Farmland is a free, searchable bulletin board for farmland, and also includes opportunities for other arrangements such as business succession. No sales of land. Visit:


Peterborough Ag News: Visit to sign up for the local digital newsletter and find information on agricultural organizations and events in the area. Managed by the Peterborough Agricultural Roundtable.