The Zoning By-law  regulates land use in the Township of Douro-Dummer. Before you submit a building permit or planning application, you need to make sure the proposal meets the zoning requirements for the property.

The Zoning By-law includes:

  • Land use for each property
  • Where and what types of buildings or structures may be located on the land
  • The requirements of lot sizes, parking lots, building heights and setbacks

The Zoning By-law must conform to the Official Plan.

For accessibility accommodations, please contact staff to view a copy of the Zoning By-law, otherwise the Consolidated Zoning By-law is available to view as a pdf.

Zoning Maps

Use the County of Peterborough GIS mapping tool to view the zoning for each property in the Township of Douro-Dummer.

Amendments to the Zoning By-law

The Township has passed the following amendments to the Zoning By-law:

  • In Water Boathouses –All new boathouses must be located above the high water mark. Existing In Water Boathouses may be repaired, renovated and reconstructed within certain parameters. 
  • Secondary Suites Regulations – Secondary Suites may be built in a wide range of locations in the Township provided they meet certain regulations. 

For copies of any By-law please contact the Clerk's Department.

Apply for a Zoning By-law Amendment

If you would like to amend the Zoning regulations for your property, you will need to apply for a Zoning By-law Amendment. Please book a pre-consultation meeting before you start the application process. The fee for a pre-consultation meeting is $220.00.

After the pre-consultation, you can complete a Zoning By-law Amendment Application and have it commissioned by a lawyer prior to submission. Once complete, you are required to submit the application by email  and mail or drop off a hard copy to the Township Office:

Township of Douro-Dummer
894 South Street, PO Box 92
Warsaw, ON K0L 3A0


Please review the Planning Fees and submit the appropriate fee along with the complete application. You will also need to pay Otonabee Region Conservation Authority Planning fees.

Zoning Fees 2024

Planning FeesPrice



Zoning By-law Amendment


Amended Zoning By-law Amendment

Application - prior to circulation


Amended Zoning By-law Amendment

Application - after circulation


Removal of Holding Provision


Advertising Fee

Actual cost of advertising

Special Meeting Fee


Predevelopment Agreement for Major


$1,010.00 + $5,775.00 deposit

Cannabis Production

If you are interested in using your agricultural property for Cannabis production, please review this letter outlining Zoning Requirements for Cannabis Production.