Once you have a permit issued, you will need to book a building inspection to make sure that the construction project meets the regulations outlined in the building permit and follow the Ontario Building Code.

Book a building inspection

To book a building inspection, please use the Cloudpermit to request your inspection at least 48 hours before you'd like the inspection to take place. The online system can be accessed 24/7, and inspections can be booked in advance.

If your permit was not issued in this system, please contact staff for assistance. Most permits issued before 2019 are not online and must be added by staff manually, and permits issued under our previous permit tracker system need to have the inspections added after your account is linked.

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Inspection Hours

Staff are in the office Monday to Thursday from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. but inspections are scheduled from 9am to 3pm in one hour blocks. If you contact us after hours, please leave a message.


There are generally no fees for inspections as they are built into the cost of your building permit.

Electrical inspections

If you're building or renovation project includes electrical work, you need to get an electrical inspection through the Electrical Safety Authority.

When do I need a building inspection?

You're required to get a building inspection at specific stages of construction outlined in the Ontario Building Code. Generally, all building inspections will be specified on your building permit card once issued. It is the responsibility of all people involved in a project to to book all necessary building inspections before proceeding with work.