Livestock Evaluation

If you own livestock or bees, and have a bona fide farm property with a valid farm business registration number, and your livestock has been injured or killed as a result of wildlife predation please review the OMAFRA resources. Should you wish to seek compensation through OMAFRA you are required to notify the municipality within 48 hours of the damage.

What Should I Do If I Find Injured/Killed Livestock?

Step 1. Ensure animal well-being

  • Immediately seek veterinary care or other treatment to prevent further suffering if an animal sustains an injury. If the animal is severely injured due to an attack, it should be euthanized, according to the species specific Code of Practice, to prevent further suffering before the investigator arrives.
  • Veterinary care costs are eligible under this program up to the Fair Market Value of the livestock. Costs related to a producer's on-farm "inventory" of medications do count as an eligible expense. In this case, proof is required that a vet directed the drug use as a treatment for the injury as well as a receipt for the medication purchase.
  • All veterinary or medication receipts and invoices should be saved and submitted with the application.

Step 2. Notify

  • Notify the municipality within 48 hours of discovering the injury or death of livestock or poultry due to predation. The Municipal Investigator will attend within 72 hours of receiving written notice.

Step 3. Preserve the Site

  • Preserve the carcass and kill/injury site until the municipal investigator has arrived on site. In order to preserve the carcass and the site it is strongly recommended that the livestock owner avoid walking in or around the area and place a tarp over the carcass.