FoodCycler Pilot Program

FoodCycler Pilot Project Registration Portal 

Additional Information about the FoodCycler Pilot Project 

We have partnered with FoodCycler Science to pilot a home-based, residential food waste diversion program in our Township. This pilot program is intended to supplement the current food waste diversion options available to residents. 

The FoodCycler Pilot Program will help measure the feasibility of using FoodCyclers to support at home food waste waste processing. The pilot program is 12 weeks long (April to June). 

Participants can choose between two FoodCycler units: 

  • FoodCycler FC-30 for $150 (+HST) 

  • FoodCycler Eco 5 for $300 (+HST). 

During the 12-week period, participants will be asked to track how many times a week they ran their FoodCycler. Participants are expected to start tracking their FoodCycler use immediately. 

Participants will receive an email with a FoodCycler Information Guide and a Pilot Project Tracking Sheet. Participating households will keep their FoodCycler following the pilot period. 


Food is shown funneling into a FoodCycler with caption "Municipal solutions. Starve the landfill, feed the earth"