Stolen: Paging Tower Generator

Some time between 8pm on Sunday May 22nd and Monday May 23rd the generator that powers the Douro-Dummer paging tower was stolen. The perpetrator would have had to cut the chains to the paging tower compound to gain access to the generator. The paging tower is located just south of Warsaw on County Road 38. 

The generator that was stolen is a HONDA EU2200i (see pictures below), serial number EAMT1336663. At the time it was stolen it had labels affixed to it that read "PUMP 4".

The paging tower is used by the fire department to boost the paging signal so that volunteer firefighters can be alerted to emergencies in the community. 

Tips that might lead to the return of the generator can be reported to:

Thank you for any assistance that can be provided. 

Pictures of stolen generator model from the Honda website