May 21, 2022 Wind Storm Building Department

Due to the significant amount of damage we have received over the weekend, the Building Department is assessing all properties within the Township to determine what is cosmetic damage and what may appear to be cosmetic, but has underlying structural issues.

You can help us to assess the damage by completing this quick survey.

First steps

If your property has received damage:

  • Shut-off any services that may have been damage (hydro, gas, etc.)
  • Contact your insurance company
  • Contact the Township’s Building Department to report using this survey
  • Avoid any down or compromised overhead wires

Recovery steps

To repair or replace any buildings on your property, you will need a Building Permit for:

  • All new construction of any type (i.e., commercial, industrial, residential, agricultural) to replace a damaged building or part thereof.
  • All structural modifications or structural repairs.
  • Repairs to the structural components, stairs or guards on decks and porches.

 A building permit is not required for:

  • The replacement of an accessory building that is 15 square meters and located in compliance with the Zoning By-law, provided that it does not contain plumbing and is not used for human habitation.
  • The replacement or repair to windows, doors, roof cladding (i.e. shingles) or exterior wall cladding (i.e. siding), if there was no structural damage. We can assist with determining whether your building has been structurally damaged.

Apply for a building permit

Please submit your complete application, including  authorization if applying on behalf of the owner, agency approvals, site plan, and any necessary drawings. Permit applications are now completed on Cloudpermit. You can visit the main Building Permit page for more information about what is required to submit your permit.

Apply now

It takes generally 6 to 10 business days for us to issue a building permit. If the application is complex, it may take longer. Under the circumstances of this weather event, we are prioritizing permits for the most urgent situations first and to assist residents and property owners with the recovery.