Level 1 Low Water Condition reinstated in Otonabee Region Watershed

From the Otonabee Conservation media release dated September 10, 2021:

The Otonabee Region Water Response Team (WRT) has reinstated a Level 1 Low Water condition for the Otonabee Region watershed.

Improved water levels and flows that resulted from abundant and frequent rainfall in July had lifted the region out of a drought condition last month, but August then brought high temperatures and low precipitations receipts. These anomalies experienced throughout August have combined to put surface waters throughout the Region under stress, signaling potential water supply and use problems for lakes, rivers, and ponds.

As a result, the WRT has declared a Level 1 drought that will hopefully recover with precipitation receipts that are forecast for September.

Members of the WRT urge all area residents and businesses to be mindful of their water use during the Level 1 Low Water condition. For ways to conserve water, view our Fact Sheet, Water Conservation In and Around Your Home.

The Otonabee Region WRT will meet early in October to review the situation and data collected throughout September. The WRT includes representatives from local municipalities, water management agencies, tourism and agriculture, provincial and federal agencies, First Nations and Otonabee Conservation. For more information about the Low Water Response Program, visit www.otonabeeconservation.com