Ramp It Up! Douro-Dummer Service Groups Lend Helping Hand

The Mayor of Douro-Dummer, J Murray Jones, extends his heartfelt thanks to Township service groups for their service to the community, click here to see the video that originally aired during the September 7, 2021 Council meeting

From the video:

Thank you to the Douro Knights of Columbus and the Warsaw Lions Club.

This past August, I put out a simple call for help after discovering a member of the community would be returning home after a lengthy stay in the hospital. There was a very real need for a wheelchair ramp.

Within a week or 2, our service clubs came to the rescue with the money and the manpower to build the ramp.

Our Chief Building Official also came to the table by acquiring the proper plans and overseeing the project.

In no time at all the ramp was built, resulting in a happy ending for everyone.

This is just another example of the community spirit coming alive when you need them.

We should all be proud to live in a community that cares for one another, the Township of Douro-Dummer.


This is an example of the great work we can do that makes our community stronger. If you are interested in joining one of the groups involved in this project, please contact the following people to inquire:

  • Warsaw Lion's Club - Les Brian 705-652-7018 or Gary Dunford 705-872-1209
  • Douro Knights of Columbus - Dan Moloney 705-760-3187