Septic Re-Inspection Program

If you have received a letter from the Township indicating that your property is due for a Sewage Re-Inspection this year, please click on one of the two questionnaires below to complete & submit your required information before June 3, 2024. If you received multiple letters, because you own more than one property, please complete the questionnaire for each property separately.

If you have a dwelling without a sewage system (you have an outhouse or other privy) please use the first questionnaire.

If your sewage system was installed before 2014 please use this questionnaire:

Sewage Re-Inspection Questionnaire 

If your sewage system is new (installed between 2014 and 2024) please use this questionnaire:

Sewage System Less Than 10 Years Old Questionnaire

 If you did not receive a letter but you want to know more about the Septic Re-Inspection Program, or what Zone you are in and what year you can expect to have your system re-inspected, please scroll down to the bottom of this page. You will find a History of Sewage System Re-Inspections drop down, as well as a How Do I Know Which Zone I Am In drop down.

I received a notice of Sewage System Re-Inspection Letter - Now what?

  • Review your information package carefully, and mark your two-week re-inspection window in your calendar.
  • Complete the online Sewage Re-Inspection Questionnaire as soon as possible (Due June 3, 2024)

If you are unable to complete the Questionnaire online, please contact the Building & Planning Administrator as soon as possible. A paper copy can be mailed to you, or filled out in person at the Township Office. Alternate arrangements can also be made to assist you with this necessary step.

My 2 week re-inspection window is approaching - What do I need to do?

You need to expose the lids of your septic system. Get down and dirty, and uncover those lids with a shovel. You can ask a neighbor for help, bribe a grandchild, turn to social media and offer cash for a quick job.

(There is an additional fee if you do not complete this step prior to your inspection date- please see below for Sewage Re-Inspection Program Fees)

You do NOT need to be present during the re-inspection. Unfortunately we cannot accommodate specific inspection date requests due to our scheduling requirements. The inspector has the authority under the Building Code Act to enter the land for the purpose of inspection and does not require explicit permission from the Property Owner. 

Help! I can't find my septic lid!

You, the property owner are responsible for locating the system on your property and uncovering the earth over the tank lids if applicable. If you require assistance in uncovering the lids please contact a local septic system service company to assist you.

Should I pump my tank out first?

No! Please do NOT have your tank pumped out prior to the inspection. A reasonably full, operational tank is required in order to conduct a proper inspection and to determine the overall health of your tank.

If your tank is scheduled to be pumped out before your date of inspection, please contact us immediately! We will do our best to get to your property prior the pump out. 

Sewage Re-Inspection Fees

Fees will be based on two types of inspections: Type 1 Inspections, and Type 2 Inspections

  • Type 1 Inspection: the property owner has completed the questionnaire on time, and the lids to the septic system are exposed for inspection
  • Type 2 Inspection: the property owner fails to complete the questionnaire, or they do not uncover the lids by the date of the inspection, or is a second inspection/site visit is required.

An invoice will be provided to the Property Owner by mail following the completion of the inspection(s) and it is payable by December 31st of the year that it was issued. Unpaid amounts will be added to the tax account for the following year to be collected in accordance with the Building Code Act.

Sewage Re-Inspection Program Fees

  • Type 1 Inspection: $150
  • Type 2 Inspection: $300

History of Sewage System Re-Inspections

The Township of Douro-Dummer has a large agricultural community and is particularly sensitive to changes in precipitation, water quantity and water quality. This has a trickle down affect to residential drinking water.  Sewage system re-inspections help to ensure that waste is properly treated. The program is a proactive step in ensuring safe drinking water, protecting our ecosystems and keeping our lakes clean and healthy. Poorly designed, installed or maintained systems can have serious environmental and health impacts.

In November 2019, a large public meeting was held  in the Township of Douro-Dummer to discuss the Ontario Clean Water Act, and the pros and cons of a 10 year Sewage Re-Inspection Program. The program was approved and implemented by Council to begin in the 2020 year. There are approximately 3600 septic systems in the Township, so the Township was divided into 10 zones to represent an approximately similar number of properties, which would allow for the inspections of the systems to occur over the course of 12 weeks during the summer (June to August).

Each Spring, the Building Department will review the Zone that is to be inspected during that summer and a schedule will be created for the completion of the inspections. If your Zone is due for inspection during that summer you will receive an information package in the mail, which will advise you of the next steps, a two-week window of when to expect an Inspector, and instructions to visit our website where you will be required to fill out a mandatory questionnaire prior to your scheduled inspection.

Only systems installed prior to 2014 will be re-inspected. If your system was installed between 2014 and 2024, please complete the NEW Sewage System Questionnaire.

How do I know which Zone I am located in?

Great question! 

Peterborough County has enabled their online public GIS to show the Sewage Re-Inspection Zones for Douro-Dummer, and they have included the expected year of your inspection.

For a map of the Township which outlines all of the Sewage Re-Inspection Zones please use the Sewage Re-Inspection Zone Map.