Members of Council

The Township of Douro Dummer has five Council Members. The Mayor, Deputy Mayor, Councillor at Large, Councillor Douro Ward and Councillor Dummer Ward. Council members serve a four year term of office. Members of Council also sit on many Municipal Committees to help support municipal operations.

Mayor J. Murray Jones

Telephone: 705-652-8392Mayor J. Murray Jones

Fax: 705-652-5044


Deputy Mayor Moher

Telephone: 705-652-8333Deputy Mayor Moher


Councillor at Large, Tom Watt

Telephone: 705-652-5083Councillor At Large, Tom Watt


Councillor Douro Ward, Heather Watson

Telephone: 705-930-8037Councillor Douro Ward, Heather Watson


Councillor Dummer Ward, Shelagh Landsmann

Telephone: 705-877-2884Councillor Dummer Ward, Shelagh Landsmann