Financial Reports

 FIR – Financial Information Return

 The Financial Information Return (FIR) is a standard set of year-end reports which capture financial and statistical information for each Municipality in the Province.  Every Municipality in the Province will complete and submit a Financial Information Return to the Ministry each year. Please visit the Ministry of Finance to view the Township's Financial Information Return Reports. 

 AMP – Asset Management Plan

Having an Asset Management Plan (AMP) is a requirement of the Provincial Government as outlined in the Building Together Guide for Municipal Asset Management Plans.

In 2014 the Township completed a Roads and Bridges AMP.

In 2015 the second phase of the AMP was completed which includes: Land, Land Improvement, Buildings, Building Improvements, Equipment, Vehicles, Computer Software & Hardware

The AMP’s provide a financial plan that will mean that sufficient investments are made to ensure delivery of sustainable services to current and future residents.

 Audited Financial Statements 

 Each year the audited financial statements are available for review. Contact us if you have any questions regarding the Audited Financial Statements.