Speaking Before Council

There are two options for the Public to address Council at a Council Meeting, as a Delegation or through a Public Comment. Please keep reading to learn about the options below. 

Request for Delegation/Presentation

Anyone wishing to make a presentation to Council or the Committee of the Whole may do so by providing the Clerk with a request in writing not less than 7 days prior to the meeting at 12-noon.

The request can be submitted through the website or in hardcopy, must contain a clear statement of what issue or matters are to be dealt with at Council and signed by the author. Presentations are limited to ten (10) minutes and two speakers. Supporting documents such as pictures are encouraged to be submitted. Slide decks must be received at the time the request is submitted. 

Request to Provide a Public Comment 

If you would like to present a comment to Council at a Council meeting regarding an item on the Agenda you must submit a request to the Municipal Clerk either through the website or in hardcopy. Please note that the deadline for Public Comment requests is 12-noon, on the Monday prior to the meeting date (1 day before the meeting date).

Public Comments will only be accepted for items listed on the Council Meeting agenda in Sections 10 through 15.

Please note that as per Procedural By-law 2022-21, as amended, a maximum of six (6) public comments shall be scheduled for each meeting. The time limit of five (5) minutes shall be strictly enforced.